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On this site, we are selling a collection of Creative Devotional Concept Art by Jaya K Vel.

All the art displayed on this site was created by Jaya K Vel, Creative Director, Toptech Solutions Private Limited, Madurai, India.

Hi, I am Jaya, Self-taught Devotional Digital Artist. I have been drawing since childhood as everyone does but realized my interest when I bagged several prizes in Art competitions during my college days and also received an award of “The Best Women Student Artist” from the University. After my Master’s degree in “Communication,” I started my career as Visualizer and Graphic Designer. Another Master’s degree in “Business Administration” inspired me to start my Business.

I love Photoshop to the core and have been working on it since version #photoshop2.0 (you heard it right) till now. Honestly, I created tons of creatives and designs but hardly made any art for decades except that I made some random creative art along with my kids.

It was when I got into a project to make little Muruga sketches, I embraced my passion again as I tell everyone, if Art gives Happiness, Devotional Art gives 100x of Happiness. I am not a full-time artist, I make art only during my free time. During this Pandemic, my Passion got new wings. I make Digital art using manual techniques.